Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No Greater Love

The single greatest act of love I'm performing this holiday season is that when I opened the box of chocolate my husband got me and realized he'd inadvertantly given me the box he'd picked out for my sister-in-law instead, I did NOT point this out.  A few years ago she gave us some candy from See's and said, "I wasn't sure what you like, so I picked out all my favorites."  We chuckled all the way home that next time we wanted to get her candy, we'd just pick all the gross ones, since that seemed to be her preference.  I was so going to say, "Oh man, does she have all the caramel and almondy ones while I'm stuck with pineapple and white chocolate?!?"  Then it occurred to me that all that would accomplish is making the Winemaker feel bad.  I am SO PROUD of myself for this act of great maturity.  Normally, I'd brag on myself to my husband, but in this case, I'll do it here.

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