Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twenty Things About Me (That Don't Directly Relate to my Kids)

1.  When I was about 10, my best friend and I could juggle (a little), walk on stilts (short ones) and ride a unicycle (for about 50 feet at a time).  We were ready to join the circus.

2.  Sometime in college I stopped shaving my legs, using a blow dryer or curling iron, and wearing a bra.  Twenty years later, due to weight gain and gravity, I started wearing a bra again.  The other two--no way.

3.  I never get enough: summer weather, reading time, sleep, coffee dates with friends, or hikes per year.

4.  My husband and I were at the same high school (he was two years behind me).  He was my first boyfriend.  Unlike my sister, who's been married 30 years to her high school sweetheart, I didn't actually meet my husband until I was 31. 

5.  We got married eleven months later, after a 7 week engagement.

6.  A few months later, my boss casually asked me when I was due.  She was mortified to find out that the person who'd told her I was pregnant was merely rumor mongering.  This was a dozen years ago, and I'm still torn between hilarity and rage that someone would leap to that conclusion, and then pass it on as fact. 

7.  And isn't it ironic that it turned out I'm infertile?  Add to that the irony of time and money spent on birth control, and that one frustrating camping trip when our tent was at this incredibly romantic remote mountain lake and we couldn't Do It because we'd neglected to pack condoms? 

8.  I haven't told any friends or family about this blog.  I think I just ensured I never will.

9.  I still fantasize about writing a book.  I no longer fantasize about becoming a ballerina or orthodontist.

10.  I was raised with no TV, and didn't own one until I got married at age 31.

11.  Since then, I've become a fan of watching entire TV series on DVD.  Alias, La Femme Nikita, Lost, Firefly, Veronnica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, and currently Buffy the Vampire Slayer have all taken over my life for awhile.

12.  Being married to my husband has showed me that I'm relutant to admit when I'm to blame, that I'm overly judgemental of people who aren't all granola crunchy liberal like me, and I have a slapdash approach to repair projects.  It's also showed me that I'm capable of being more organized than I ever knew, that learning things outside my comfort zone is fun, and that telling people the specific things you appreciate about them is powerful. 

13.  I used to play the piano and viola, and although I don't have a lovely voice, I love to sing and know hundreds of songs by heart.

14.  I am passionately in support of gay marriage. and tear up every time I hear a news story on this topic.  I think it's in part because my marriage is so important to me, and it really breaks my heart to think of others being denied this right. 

15.  I am the youngest child, by 11 years.  If you offer me a favor, I accept.  I don't ask for or expect it, but I see no reason to deny people the pleasure of doing good by me. 

16.  Speaking of family, my mom died almost two years ago.  I miss her.  A lot. 

17. I'm one of four daughters.  Boys still puzzle me.

18.  I am addicted to chocolate.  No, really.  It's not a figure of speech.  The only plus I see is the empathy it gives me for people addicted to more harmful substances.  I'm eating a piece of English toffee with chocolate coating as I write this.

19.   I am the fastest reader you know. I tell my students it's my super power.  I had a college roommate who reads like I do, but usually I'm kind of  a freak to people who notice.  This is probably related to point #10. 

20.  I speak English, Latvian, some Spanish, and a tad bit of Lithuanian.  Plus I know some nasty words in Danish. 


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