Tuesday, December 24, 2013


In praise of my daughter, who puts the new roll of toilet paper on the spindle, instead of setting it on the counter like everyone else around here.  (Don't judge me for switching it around so the paper comes over the top of the roll.  I still appreciate that she hangs the TP.)

In praise of my son, who hand sewed his dad's Christmas present when I had assumed I'd be doing that step for both kids.

In praise of my daughter, who is the ALSO the only other person in the house that knows that the one funky glass bowl is the only thing that fits in the spot in the dishwasher where one rack is bent, so that is where it always must go.

In praise of my son, who, when I asked him to open the front door for me so I could take out the recycling, came and took one bag from my hands and walked out with me.  (This is HUGE, people.)

In praise of my daughter.  We took a walk/bike ride on the nature path near our house earlier today.  She said, "Look at the creek, Mama!  I haven't seen it in awhile.  It's nice to see it again.  It's nice to not be stuck in the house or running errands and buying stuff, but to be out in the WORLD instead." 

In praise of my son, who stopped to see if a random  toddler needed any help at the drinking fountain. 

In praise of my kids.  Yesterday we were at the grocery store, and we could hear someone playing French horn.  We tracked him down and stood quietly watching as he finished a song.  He smiled over and said, "I'll play one you know now," and started playing "Rudolph."  Completely unselfconsciously (and half unconsciously), they started singing along, but quietly, so they wouldn't mess him up. 

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